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Your website is not a brochure; it’s more than that. It is meant to inspire action. We provide a clear pathway to such action, meant for sale. With our innovative UI/UX designs, 100% mobile compatibility, faster load speeds you will observe more purchases of your products, a higher order value, improved ratings, and an ever-improving ROI for your online e-commerce store.

Deliver an online experience that surpasses user expectations and delivers clear business results.

The Web Designing Study

Here at Agency 352, we follow form. Meaning we aspire to build eye-catching, attractive, and fast websites with a complete understanding of your business goals with a complete and all-round strategic approach to achieve them. We have a complete result driven approach towards a creative and responsive design that our business clients demand.

What does your Online Business Need to Succeed?

The main points that we focus when building an e-commerce site is functionality, design and features that it has. Your online store will have an attractive yet customised web presence, but in order to achieve that, you will also need the basic features that today’s successful online stores and carts posses. As an owner, you will need different tools and administrative features that may help you in managing your site. Continue further to learn about these amazing interactive features,

E-commerce Essentials

Content Management

Content management is very important. Why, you ask? Well, you need to write about your product, you need to tell the world why is it amazing. You need a very easy to operate content management system that allows you to tell stories about your product easily. You need to be capable enough to create or edit pages at any time you want easily. Edit them so that you can add images, set SEO elements, provide links to your products or achieve posts in a user-friendly way to create ways so that they can be easily shared by the customers.

Discount and Promotion Tools

Customers just love a sale don’t they. You need to have an easy system for creating and managing discount codes. You need to be able to set limitations that whether it is a limited time offer or a percentage off. It should be easy to operate yet effective to deliver to the customers.

Related Products and Pages Suggestion

People love to be able to browse through products and share them. So why not make it easy. Using pattern recognition, why not show the visitors more related products to the one they are looking. When people come in and search for a specific product, make the predictive text filler to auto-fill the search bar suggestions. Incorporate sharing features so that people can share their favourite products with their colleagues.


Make the job easy for your customers by helping them filter through categories. They should be able to sort items by price, relevance, popularity so they can look through what they want. Lastly, there should also be a “quick preview” button so that the customers can preview item and if it looks interesting, they can learn more about it.

The Benefit of having a Good E-commerce Website Design

A well designed and developed e-commerce website designed for your business is the most critical and key element in determining your online success. Customers should have that “wow” effect right when they view your site. Your site needs to have proper functionality, easy to understand design, easy to navigate and well-organized elements to it. That’s how to get the sales skyrocketed. Agency 352 has been developing e-commerce sites for many companies since 1998 with proven records of helping them in launching a successful online business.

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