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Email Marketing and How is it Linked to the Success of Your Business

Marketing via mail has three main purposes, to increase customer retention, re-engage subscribers and increase brand awareness. You may very well know the importance of these three in a business. But Email Marketing may not be the first thing coming across your mind when you hear these points. It’s highly likely that you have used many different marketing strategies, but what if we tell you there is a very important marketing strategy that you are missing.

More Email Marketing Services:

  • Lead Nurturing

Our Email Marketing Process:

1. Research and insights
2. Lead generation
3. CRM integration
4. List segmentation
5. Content development
6. Email design
7.Spam testing
8. CAN-SPAM compliance audit
9. Sending campaigns
10. Tracking and Marketing Automation
11. Retargeting – email and PPC ads
12. Optimisation and Measurement

Email Marketing, when coupled with Market automation, is the best strategy for marketing not only for re-engagement, brand awareness but also for increasing the sales and their conversions.

What Professional Email Marketing Management Services Can Bring on the Table

Email marketing campaign might look simple, but it is not. Managing a campaign or even initiating one requires a lot of work. Our Email Marketing services bring a lot with them, along with the experts in the field. Our agency will have many different talented people working on specific tasks, enabling each one to focus on that specific task and provide you with the best possible results.

The Benefits of Email Marketing Services

Email marketing services can free up some vital internal resources. When it comes to email marketing, a team is definitely required, because there are just too many tasks to perform and concentrate on. It is not possible for a single entity to perform all the tasks by himself. Things to be done include the following:

  • Automation
  • Responsive email design
  • Email segmentation and personalization
  • Email subject line and copy
  • List size and quality
  • Offer value proposition
  • Landing pages

Agency 352: The Email Marketing Specialists

Email marketing is a tough process, as mentioned previously. It requires one to have, have not only in-depth knowledge about technical but also the strategical aspects. But along with these two, one needs to have experience too, to know exactly how these campaigns work, why they work, what makes them work etc. All these questions are answered with experience. Many agencies have experts that have years of experience in the field, therefore will charge you a fortune for providing their services. They can ask for thousands of dollars for that. Agency 352 has got you covered. We provide you with experience experts that will help and guide you throughout the process of email marketing at very reasonable rates.

Our Email Marketing Experts Will Take Your Campaigns to Newer Heights

Hiring an email marketing management is very much convenient. Our Agency 352, will do all the email marketing for you, and also offer additional services so that you are 100% satisfied. Additional services will be proprietary tools, improved and flexible solutions, new strategies and much more. You will have more results than ever and will have time to focus on other important aspects of your business rather than making the campaign.

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